Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Transferring to Facebook and updating.

I have decided to move everything ov er to Facebook. All of this blog is copied there and it is more up to date than this page.

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Garytj and Lori exploring North America on our motorcycles


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Gary and Lori.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Around Lake Tahoe.

Had a great ride today around one on my favorite places on earth. Lake Tahoe! We stopped in South Lake Tahoe at Izzie's Burger Spa and crossed over the mountains to the Genoa Bar and Saloon. The oldest drinking parlor in Nevada. It was a beautiful day! I never get tired of this place. I would retire here if I could.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A day to remember, NOT!

This day was a boring one. Not a lot to see and nothing to do but ride.

We headed East on Hwy 50 and spent most of the day doing nothing but riding... In a straight line, for the most part.

Hwy 50 is called the "loneliest hwy in America" and they are 100% accurate!

It was Hot and miserable all day with no shade and nothing to do. The towns are spaced in some places 120 miles from town to town and when you get to the next one, it is just like the last one, a few houses surrounding a gas station, grocery and a saloon.

When Lori and I got to the end by Reno, we both agreed, we are never going to do this road again!

Tomorrow is a very short ride into Carson City and meet up with the Cascade Victory Riders.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday afternoon ride and farewell, and Friday's ride

Thursday was just a relaxing day, but we went for a short ride before the farewell get together. Bob, Larry, mark and I went out for a short koop ride of about 70 miles because we were bored. :)

We ended up at a local lake and then wandered back. The ride was great and the weather has been outstanding all of this trip.

We got back to the Motel in time to chit chat with everyone and have a nice BBQ and door prizes were given out. This is always a bittersweet event as it means that everyone is leaving in the morning.

After saying goodbye in the morning, Mark headed North towards home and Lori and I headed west to wander the backroads. We went to Natural bridges national monument and stayed on state hwy's all day with the exception of 8 miles of I-15. The scenery was beautiful as only Utah can be. not a lot to say, so i will show pictures taken on the ride.

Tomorrow we will get to Reno and see if we can donate some money to the casino's LOL

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A short day and a relaxing dinner.

The group got together and we headed out to Mesa Verde to see some sights. the ride was nice, the weather has been perfect and all was well with the world...

Until we got inside the park, and taking off from the ranger station, just as we got rolling, the clutch handle just pulled into the bars with no resistance. I knew instantly what had happened, the clutch cable had broken.

I figured, not a big deal, I just upshifted into 3rd gear and stayed there for the next 20 miles until we got to the topo of the mountain. When we pulled into the parking lot and I dug out my tool kit to see what I could do. It didn't take long and I was up and running again. I decided to head back to the motel, just in case and I stopped by the hardware store to get a few things, just in case.

I called around and the nearest clutch cable was in Reno Nevada, We will stop and pick it up on the way through.

After a relaxing day the whole 1300 Tourer group headed out to a local western BBQ  and show. The food was great and the entertainment was outstanding with old country songs, some comedy and great Fiddle, Guitar and Chello playing. It was a great show!

If you ever get down into this area, go to the show, it is well worth it.

After a nice ride back to town, it is time to call it a night. Thursday, we are just relaxing until the afternoon when the whole group has a bbq here at the motel and starts to say goodbye for another year. I cannot say enough about this group of people we meet up with every year, They are the best!

We head out Friday morning and start wandering west.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Into Durango and the group arrives.

Larry, Dixie, Mark, Lori and I left Grand Junction in the morning and headed south. I had asked Larry if he needed gas and he said he had about 170 miles on this tank, That is about the same as we had, so I told everyone we would get gas before getting too far out of town. We headed out and before long we were at the edge of town and no more gas stations. We had already gone by about 12 stations, but all of a sudden we were on the hwy and no more...

The upcoming sign said the next town was only 33 miles and my fuel light had not come on yet, so I decided to go for it. by this time we were about 190 miles on this tank.  By the time we rolled into town and stopped for gas, everyone's fuel light was on and we had 222 miles on the odometer, but we made it.

Just down the road we ran into bicycles, a lot of bicycles... it seems there was some sort of big ride going on and we were right in the middle of it all. They eventually tapered off as we got into Ourey, CO, which by the way is a very odd town. the whole town is built on the side if a mountain and they did not level anything. The left side of the road was a good 20 feet higher than the right side. Going through on the bikes I was just hoping we didn't have to stop. If the bike leaned right, there was no way to get your foot down before the bike went over.

From there it was 25mph up the side of the mountain for about 10 miles. Switchback after switchback and the was absolutely NO shoulder. The white line was the edge, then a drop off of about 1000 feet. not a thing to fixate on. After we got up higher the road opened up and the next 60 miles was motorcycle heaven!  Twists and turns and hills and sweepers and corners from 10mph to 60 mph. A little bit of everything.

Traffic was light and we had a lot of fun. At the top of Molas Pass (10910 feet) it was a bit cold so we stopped for a minute. Just walking across the parking lot and I was winded. The altitude takes a bit of getting used to!

From there to Durango was all downhill and it got warmer as we went. By the time we got into town it was back in the high 80's. We were the first to arrive and the rooms were not ready, so we walked up to "Serious Texas BBQ" and had lunch. By the time we got done and walked back, people were starting to arrive. It iwas really great to see people again that you haven't seen since last year and get to meet new friends. We filled the parking lot with bikes and had a great time just talking all evening.

This morning Doug, Brian, Larry, Mark and I went downtown to discuss where we were going to ride for the day. We decided on a San Juan Mt's big circle loop ride of about 250 miles. We spent the whole day out on the bikes and had a great time. Everyone had big grins on thier faces when we got back to the Motel.

We met back up with the girls and went back downtown to have dinner and stopped by Coldstone creamery for Ice-cream afterwards. after i do this update I will be going back out to hang with friends. We are having a great time!